Turmeric Latte: Haldi Doodh Got A Makeover!!

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Every Indian child has ridiculed any home remedy that their Mums have tried to make them eat or drink during their childhood. Haldi Doodh or Turmeric Latte, which is what its now famously called, was no different.

When you were down with cold, cough or fever every Indian mum's go to remedy was Milk with turmeric and honey. We had to have the yellow milk even though it meant making a face at every sip you took. You wouldn't want to admit it at that time or you probably dint know it better, but Turmeric Milk worked like a Magic Potion when you were feeling under the weather. 

That same drink has made a come back as Turmeric Latte or Golden Milk.

Golden milk or turmeric latte – an unlikely combination of milk/nut milk and juiced turmeric root – is 2016’s drink of choice. Cafes from Sydney to San Francisco are spicing up their menus with cold-pressed turmeric juice added to almond, cashew, coconut milk. This drink is gaining fans in the UK too. It’s become a healthy alternative to coffee – and it’s easy to make your own.

Turmeric has come to be one of the superfoods to watch out for 2016. Turmeric's meteoric rise is thanks to the abundance purported health benefits associated with it. Turmeric's rise to superfood status has been gathering steam over the last few years, with the discovery of its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory qualities resulting in the introduction of capsule supplements and drinks. Research has shown that Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory agent used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including flatulence, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, bloody urine, hemorrhage, toothache, bruises, chest pain, and colic. Having been used medicinally in South Asia for some 4,000 years, the rest of the world now wants a look in.

Is it just another fad? We will just have to wait and find out. In the meantime apologize to your mother for make faces when she gave you turmeric latte and make yourself and her a glass. Here is a recipe that the westerners are going crazy about:


  • 1 tsp. Turmeric Powder
  • 1 tsp. Coconut Oil
  • 1 tsp. Cinnamon Powder (plus extra for dusting)
  • 250ml almond milk
  • 1 tsp. agave syrup/honey


Add all ingredients to a heavy-based saucepan and warm gently on medium heat until warmed through. Add to a blender and whiz. Top with a dusting of Cinnamon Powder.

If you are lazy to make yourself, do not worry. You can order yourself the Golden Milk here:


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