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Si Nonna's at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel immediately transports you to the quaint cafes and restaurants on the cobbled stone roads of Naples Italy.  This cute little pizza joint was the first restaurant to serve Sourdough Pizzas in Mumbai. The pizza dough is a traditional Napolitan recipe that has been crafted with oodles of love in a little kitchen, by a tiny but big-spirited Nonna.

The pizzas are freshly made in a open kitchen in an oven lined by tiles made from actual vesuvian lava. We were told by the manager that the pizzas cooked on tiles are pure magic. The cooking process keeps the flour's natural aroma and moisture, which makes the pizza soft and delicious. 


That being said, when the pizzas were served our minds were blown. Simple flavors that packs a punch.

We started with Rosemary Flat bread with Sea salt with Sumac Garlic Yoghurt Dip. The bread was fresh, soft and so aromatic. We also ordered Nonna's Homemade Lemonade which was made with fresh lemons and mint and was absolutely refreshing. 

Rosemary Flat bread

Next we ordered Half and Half pizza, the classics (no.2 and no. 8 on the menu) - Margherita Pizza and the Pepporoni Pizza. They were light and literally were melting in our mouths. The pizza sauces was delicious and the pepporoni was fresh. The crust was light and airy without tasting doughy and dense. 

No meal is complete without dessert. We ordered the Vanilla Panacotta with Blueberry Compote. We did the Panacotta jiggle test which we have all learned from the judges of Masterchef Australia and it was just perfect. They had added fresh vanilla bean which just prooves that they prioritise serving good quality food. It had just the perfect amount of sweetness and the compote was made from fresh blueberries which was just absolutely delicious. 

All in all we loved the meal. The greatest thing about Si Nonna's was that it was a simple no frill restaurant but it serves delicious food. We will visiting them again really soon. 

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