About Us

Welcome to The Gourmet Box!

The Gourmet Box is an online gourmet food store that sells exquisite, handpicked local and international gourmet food products across India. We specialize in curating and delivering gourmet gift hampers across India. We pride ourselves in providing world foods, prompt service, door-step delivery across India, various payment methods and unmatched variety. We even stock some fabulous fresh gourmet products for delivery in Mumbai. 


Gourmet Food Products

At thegourmetbox.in you can buy exotic tea, coffee, muesli, healthy granola bars, organic honey, jams, pretzels, chips, dips, pasta, noodles & much more. Create and taste authentic cuisines such as Mexican, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Thai, Moroccan, Lebanese etc from the comfort of your own home. We deliver delicious gourmet products across India. You can even order some freshly made gourmet food for delivery in Mumbai.

Gourmet Gifts

The Gourmet Box is the perfect gifting choice for any occassion. Birthdays, anniversaries, house warming, congratulatory gifts, etc. Gourmet Gifts make a classy and timeless gifting option. Choose from a range of pre-curated Gourmet Box and get it delivered across India. All the Gourmet Gifts are packaged in a specially designed gift boxes. We also customize and deliver gourmet gifts on behalf of corporate clients across India. If you dont like what you see, you can even make your own Box by selecting the products of your choice.


About the founders.

We’re two college best friends Himanshi & Janice who had amazing experiences with food and cooking when we left the country to study (or eat, as some might say). Since then we’ve been cooking, eating out and sharing recipe ideas with almost everyone we know. One day we decided to change up our routine life and start something new, something we would love doing, something that would make us wake up and want to go to work. That’s when the idea of The Gourmet Box was cultivated. It’s a delicious result of understanding that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and whether it’s served on fine china or on a paper plate, it brings us together and stimulates conversation.

The Gourmet Box Team