7 Tips to safely Host Parties during COVID

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Our collective aim is to be safe and reduce the spread of coronavirus. But lets be honest, its been a tough year and socialising over Zoom calls is just not cutting it anymore. After months of quarantining and isolating and video calling we are ready to socialize, even from afar and following all the necessary safety protocals, with other humans. 

The new normal dictates we distance ourselves and wash hands and sanitize them regularly. Nothing is safer than being at home. However if you want to meet people you can do so with certain precautions.

The rules of hosting a party has changed drastically. Even though it can be a bit cumbersome, any reason to meet people face to face is worth it. 

Here are some tips and measures that the experts have recommended for hosting a safe socially-distant soirée:


Have the Party Outdoors

COVID safety guideline for parties

Ideally its the safest to have the get together outdoors. Hosting a BBQ in your backyard would be ideal. But we know, not all of us have the luxury of a backyard or public spaces where we can host a party. In such cases, limit your guest list according to the space you have at home. There should be a minimum of 6 ft distance between each person at home. Keep your AC off and make sure the space is well ventilated. 


Limit your Guest List

COVID safety guideline for parties

Limit the number of people you invite according to the space you have for the party. It is recommended to limit the number of families (from the same quarantine unit) instead of counting the total number of people. Before inviting people over, always check with the guidelines given by your local Municipal Corporation on the current limit to the maximum number of people you can gather with.

Use Disposable Cutlery

COVID safety guideline for parties

Keeping disposable cutlery would be the safest. This avoids any crowing near the dinner table. You can also keep sets of these cutleries near the seating areas so that the guests can pick it up from where its the closest to them. 


Finger Food / Individual Food Portions

COVID safety guideline for parties

Plan the menu in such a way that it can pre portioned and laid out for the guests in disposable bowls, cups and plates. Sliced fruits/veggies, sliders, homemade slaw, pasta salad, dip topped with crunchy crudites, desserts in disposable cups and trays - possibilities are endless. There are tonnes of recipe online for meals that can be served in a cup. 


Miniature Bottles / Cans of Drinks

COVID safety guideline for parties

The easiest way to serve drinks is to keep miniature bottles and cans of them. It avoids close contact with the guests, avoids multiple people touching the same bottle and helps main the necessary distance. You can lay out a trash bin where the guests can dispose off the bottles/cans themselves. 


Keep disposable Masks and Sanitizers

COVID safety guideline for parties

Keep few disposable masks and bottles of sanitizers across the room so that the guests can use them as and when they like. When not eating, its a good practice for everyone to wear masks. Have a few extra on hand if someone shows up without one or they misplaces their masks.

 List of rules for Bathroom use

COVID safety guideline for parties

If you have multiple washrooms in your home then dedicate one bathroom for the guests to use. Replace the cloth towels with disposable ones. Also put out wipes (if you have them), lots of soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectant sprays. Put a small note on the bathroom door with the rules that you would like them to follow, and urge everyone to wipe down the doorknob on their way out or spray them with disinfectant sprays. 

Planning small gatherings can seem stressful during the pandemic. But meeting your friends and family for that short while will make all the effort worth it and uplift your state of mind. 

*These are the tips that we found helpful during our research. If there any other specific rules and regulations that have been made mandatory by your local Municipal corporation then please make sure to follow them. 


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