6 ways to use leftover Rice

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A habit that has been embedded in us since childhood is that food should never get wasted. It is either eaten as it is the next day or we reuse them in other recipes.

The most common leftover food in most of our fridge is rice. Leftover rice can be used in some delicious ways. 

Below are few ways in which we use leftover rice at our homes:


Asian style fried rice

Asian Style Fried Rice

Its always better to use leftover rice in any kind of asian style fried rice. It is stiffer than fresh rice and less likely to get sticky and gluey when stirred in with sauce or other ingredients. Pickup your favorite veggies, meat, and sauce and stir them up with the leftover rice to make a quick and healthy meal. 

If you are bored of eating the regular fried rice then try these recipes of Bibimbap bowl or Vegan Nasi Goreng that we found. These are our favorite go to recipes with leftover rice for dinner.


Soup with leftover Rice

Soup With Leftover Rice


Instead of having Soup with bread or crusty bread, add in a bowl of leftover rice. Its a common practice in many South East Asian countries like South Korea, Thailand, etc. to add Rice to soups or stews. It makes the soup into a hearty and filling meal. This is perfect when you have a little bit of rice left and cant make an entire dish out of it. 

Two recipes that we are going to try in our kitchen are Black Bean & Rice Soup and Lemon Rice Soup. Our mouths are watering already!  


Stuffed in your favorite Veggie

Stuffed Rice

Simply hollow out your favorite vegetable and stuff it with your favorite spices, grains, rice and cheese and bake it. Its everything you love in an edible Veggie bowl. Its healthy, delicious and gluten-free (for all those who want to avoid it).

Our all time favorite vegetables to use are Red or Yellow Peppers, Potato, Tomato, Squash, Zuchinni and Sweet Potato. Try this delicious stuffed pepper recipe - Taco Stuffed Peppers


Rice Pancakes

Rice Pan Cakes

Yes you read it right! You can make pancakes out of leftover rice. Sweet or Savory - take a pick. Put that leftover rice to some good use in some delicious Rice Pancakes for breakfast or whip up some Savory Rice Pancakes for dinner for an easy wholesome meal. Our personal favorite recipe is the traditional Sri Lankan Hopper.  


Everything is better when you Fry it!

Rice Pakora

Fry up the leftover rice into Pakoras, Arancini Balls, or croquettes. To us they all taste delicious. Try the Mushroom and Goats Cheese Arancini recipe for an indulgent and delicious meal. You can even bake them instead of frying them, but our philosophy is if you are going to indulge then go all out!



Rice Pudding

Who doesnt love a good pudding? And you can make it with leftover rice - sounds like a win-win to us. Keep it simple by adding your favorite spices like Cardamon or Cinnamon and milk to the leftover rice and make an instant dessert to finish off your day on a sweet note.

Quick Tip: If you cant find a way to use the leftover rice then you can even freeze it. Its always better to freeze it in single portions so that you dont have to thaw the entire lot when you want to use it.  

We hope you found some inspiration for using leftover rice. We'd love to hear if you use leftover rice in any other way in the comments below.   

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