Guide to Gifting for Virtual Events for Corporates

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The pandemic has forced all of us to pivot our work lives. Going to work has become work from home indefinitely, meetings have become zoom calls, and events and conferences have all gone digital. Yearly events for corporates that were held to create meaningful connections with their employees and customers have also become virtual. In the light of these increasing number of virtual events and conferents,companies are looking at ways to keep the employees and customers engaged in the best way possible. 

What better way to tell them that you care about them, than to send meaningful and memorable gifts. Sending e-vouchers have become the biggest gifting trend this year. E-vouchers are definitely a great option but we feel that taking the time and effort to curate a Gift hamper for your clients and customers makes them appreciate you a little more.

Here are some tips for curating some memorable corporate gifts:

Send the Gift as an Invitation to the virtual Event

Send out the gifts as an invitation to  your employees or customers to the virtual event. You can insert a personalised note, event invite and even the event iterinary card along with the Gift Box. This is a great way to get them excited about the upcoming event. 

Curate a themed Gift in line with the Event


Plan the contents of the Box in line with the theme of the event. All pink Box for Women's Day or Japanese foods Box for Nissan car launch, are some of the examples of the Boxes that we had curated that were themed as per the event for which it was being sent for. 

As a part of the yearly events, if you served snacks or hi-tea to the attendees, a great way to relive that would be to send a Box filled with Snacks that can be enjoyed during the event or later together with the family. 

Personalised Keepsakes

Personalised keepsakes are a great way to create a lasting memory for them of attending the event way after they have consumed or used the Gift. You could also send something that can be use for the event or after - personalised caps, t-shirts, masks, planners, etc. 


  • Plan the gifting acitvity in advance. Keep in mind that due to covid there will be delays in delivering the gifts. 
  • Keep the recepients informed via email that they will be receiving a gift from you. Due to the pandemic, some people might be vary of accepting parcels that they might not know of.

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