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Date Sugar is the hottest new product in the world of natural sweeteners. Date Sugar is made out of dried dates and it is less processed than other conventional sugars. It adds rich sweetness to your recipes with one-third lower calories than sugar. 

It tastes like brown sugar and works very well in cooking and baking recipes. It has an undertaste of Butterscotch and adds rich malty taste to your dishes. 

Lets look at some of the pros and cons of Date Sugar

Pros & and Cons of Date Sugar
How can you use Date Sugar?

Date Sugar doesnt dissolve completely in liquids. If added to your drinks like tea or coffee, the fibre of the date sugar settles at the bottom of the cup. However in our personal experience, if you do add it to your tea or coffee you can simply strain the tiny grit that doesnt dissolve and enjoy a cuppa with it. 

You can try a small amount of the date sugar in a rub for meat, where its caramel flavor can really shine. You can even use it to Bake cookies where you can really taste its malty-sweet flavor. It can also be used as a topping for muffins, your morning oatmeal, or to add caramel coloring to the top of your favorite pie.

Recipe using Date Sugar: Chocolate Chickpeas Brownie

Chocolate Chickpeas Brownie
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We'd love to hear about your experience with Date Sugar. Please post about it in the comments below.  

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