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Throwback to the time of the inception

Throwback to the time of inception


The Gourmet Box's inception started with their founders - Janice Shah and Himanshi Vora's love for food. This passion grew stronger over the years which made them quit their well paying jobs to start The Gourmet Box.

Founders' Background

Let us get to know a little bit about their backgrounds:

Janice and Himanshi have been best friends since Junior college. After graduation, they both left the country to study in the UK separately. Even though they went on their own paths, one thing remained common was their curiosity and love to try different foods. This grew stronger when they had to cook for themselves in the UK. UK introduced them to a whole new universe of foods from all over the world. Even though they went to 'study' some say they went to eat. From experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen to trying different restaurants - their free time was mostly spent doing that.

This dint stop when they came back. Weekends were spent exchanging recipes, exploring different cuisines, and trying out different restaurants. This passion and love for food led them to stir up their our routine life and start something new, something that they would love doing, something that would make them wake up and want to go to work. That’s when the idea of The Gourmet Box was cultivated. It was a delicious result of understanding that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and whether it’s served on fine china or on a paper plate, it brings us together and stimulates conversation.

Goal at The Gourmet Box

Their focus at The Gourmet Box was to curate a Gourmet store that has the quality and delicious ingredients from around the world. They also discovered that there were some beautiful locally made gourmet foods that deserved to be showcased to the entire country and all they needed was a platform for that. Today The Gourmet Box has more than 100 brands showcasing and selling their products on the website to the entire country.


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