5 Creative Way of Reusing Tea Bags

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Reusing Tea

Way of Reusing Tea Bags - If you are an avid tea drinker who goes through multiple tea bags every day, what do you do with all those used tea bags? Why trash them when you can reuse them.

Before you learn about how to reuse the tea bags you will have to store them properly in a moist medium. They can be kept either seeped in a small glass in water or in the fridge. This avoids any bacteria growth therefore safe for reusing tea bags

Here are 5 creative ways to reusing tea bags apart from making tea:

Relief from Cut, Burns, and Infections

Place a tea bag on your cuts and burn to get instant relief. Tea also has healing properties to draw out any skin infections like boils, sores, rash, etc.

Refurbish you wood surface

Use tea bags to stain any old worn-out furniture. Dampen old tea bags and run them over discolored spots and scratches on the furniture to refurbish them. You can even use it to stain light wood into a beautiful dark brown color.

Use it to water your plants

Plants love tea as much as you do. Brew some weaker tea with an old tea bag and pour it in a bucket of water and mix. Use it to water your plants and garden. Plants, especially roses, thrive on tea.

Flavor your food

We all know that tea gives a delicious flavor and color to Chole Bhatura. But did you know you can use tea to flavor other dishes like pasta, grains, chicken, etc. All you’ll need to do is add a used tea bag to boiling water that you plan on cooking with and you will add a wow factor to your food.

No more bad odor

Ditch bad odor from your home. Tea bags can be used as an air fresheners. Sprinkle tea at the bottom of your trashcan, litter, and also in a container in your fridge to eliminate bad odor. It works like magic on stinky shoes too. Place dried used tea bags inside your shoes to remove that stinky smell.

Use them to degrease pots and pans

Cleaning pots and pans are so important, especially to avoid drawing bugs and insects. Unfortunately, you cannot beat grease while cooking. Rub those reused tea bags over the surface and wipe. The grease should come off immediately.

If you use teabags any other way, we'd love to hear from you. You can post about it in the comments below.

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