3 Creative Ways To Resuse Gift Boxes

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How To Reuse Gift Boxes

3 Interesting Ways Of Reusing Gift Boxes

Receiving gifts is always a special feeling, especially when it's packed in a pretty gift box. But what do you with these gift boxes when you receive multiple during festivals. They are pretty so you don't feel like throwing them away. Therefore you end up stacking them in a corner thinking that you will reuse them for gifting later. But in reality, all it does is it occupies space and collects dust and eventually you forget about it till you are clearing out your house a few months later and ultimately trash them. Why not put these pretty boxes to use to organize your stuff at home.

Here are 3 ways in which you can reuse Gourmet Gift Boxes:

Tea Tray

Create a tea tray for your favorite teas and place it on your kitchen counter close to the kettle. You will have your own little quaint tea corner.

Sock/Tie Organiser

Struggle to find the matching sock to a pair ends here. Roll up your socks or ties and line them up neatly in these boxes. Store it in your closet.

Makeup Organiser

Use it to store and organize your makeup. Use multiple size boxes to separate the different kinds of products and put it in the drawer.


Try these ways of reusing gift boxes and take a tiny step towards being environmentally friendly. If you know of any other interesting ways of reusing gift boxes, please comment below - we'd love to try them out.

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