What Is Blue Tea And Why You Should Switch To It?

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Blue Tea

What Is Blue Tea And Benefits Of Blue Tea?

Almost everyone has read about the benefits of Black and Green tea. But have you heard the benefits of Blue Tea

Blue Tea is the new tea that is gaining popularity these days. Made from Butterfly pea flower, this tea boasts of various health benefits. Unlike green tea, it has a sweet and earthy flavour, which makes it very pleasing to your taste buds. Originated in Asia, this tea is now grown in many warm countries all over the world. Its called Aparajita in India and has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for years.

Here Are Some Of The Health Benefits Of Blue Tea:

Antioxidant Properties

Blue tea has tonnes of antioxidants. These powerful bio-compounds help the body fight free of radicals which are toxic and cause premature ageing.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Butterfly pea flower has been used from ancient times to reduce stress and anxiety. Drinking blue tea will help you feel relaxed and get a good night's rest. It also helps improve brain function and memory.

Great Of Hair And Skin

Blue Tea is rich in many vitamins and minerals that proves to be even more effective for preventing premature ageing of skin and hair.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Blue tea contains flavonoids that are found in almost all fruits and vegetables. They are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties and immune system-boosting benefits.

How To Make Blue Tea?

Add hot water to Blue Tea tea infusion and cover the cup to retain the heat. Let it steep for several minutes (about 3-4 mins) or until the water is a deep shade of blue. You can have it hot or iced since it tastes great both ways. The best time to consume blue tea is in the morning with breakfast and also post-lunch. You can even add honey and lemon to the tea and make yourself a traditional Thai welcome drink. Adding lemon to Blue tea changes the color of the tea to vibrant purple colour.

Aren't you curious to try this tea?

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