Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him / Her (2023)

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Valentine's Day Hamper Ideas For Him / Her

Even though Valentines' Day might be a month away it is never too early to start planning for the perfect Valentines’ evening for your loved one. Valentine’s day is a celebration of love, romance, and appreciation for your special person. The best part about Valentine’s day apart from spending quality time with your significant other is the chance to spoil them with gifts that celebrate your romance. Valentine’s day gift is a symbol of the celebration of the special and beautiful relationship that you share. They just add a certain je ne sais quoi to the magic of the day. This is why finding the perfect valentine's day gift is extremely important as it will definitely set the mood for the rest of the lovely evening. This means that looking for the right gift can put you under a lot of pressure.

The Gourmet Box realizes the need and value of perfect Valentine's day gifts for him/her is very important and hence we have compiled a comprehensive list of valentine gourmet food basket ideas that set the romantic mood and show your appreciation for your special someone with free shipping.

1. Valentine’s Pride Chocolate Heart & Hammer

Valentines Day Gift 2022

As we enter into the first month of 2022, hearts start racing for February. Why not? All of us do want to celebrate love, whenever we get a chance to. Love comes to us in all forms, short, sweet, simple. It is surprising to note how much dependent we are on the ones we dearly love and care about. If anything at all makes sense, then love has never known restrictions and the same can be said about all genders across. This year, celebrate your love, out and proud with our Valentine’s Pride Chocolate Heart & Hammer. This gift box contains a dark chocolate rainbow heart which you can smash with the hammer to find some sugary treats inside. 


2. Valentines Day Chocolate Puzzle


It takes quite a while to fully know someone to fall in love. Building relationships with people around you is no less than solving a puzzle for a bigger brighter picture. But, isn’t the feeling really ecstatic once you complete the puzzle? So, just to commemorate your beautiful relationship this Valentines with the love of your life, gorge on our Valentine's Day Chocolate Puzzle! This super special hamper consists of Hazelnut & Almond Praline in Milk and Dark Chocolate along with a Chocolate Raspberry Heart! This special hamper is made extra special because it is delivered in an elegant black box which comes with a card and a beautifully tied yellow ribbon. Our gift hamper will surely bring a smile on your face.

3. A Box Full Of Dolce - CinCin


If your valentine is head over heels in love with desserts, then this hamper is a match made in heaven for them! This gourmet gift box comes with 2 jars each of Mousse Al Cioccolatta, Tiramisù and Panna Cotta. A Valentine's Day dinner with your beau will always be incomplete without a sweet touch and what better than some creamy, creamy goodness which makes your taste buds go gaga! It can also turn out to be the perfect gift for your loved one in case the pandemic has washed over your plans for the day as the glass jars come beautifully packed in a  pink circular box. Get your Box Full of Dolce, now!

4. Valentine’s Day Gift Box (Limited Edition): 


If you want your Valentine's Day Hamper ideas to be a little more intimate, personal and you want to be in charge of what gourmet food goes in there then we present Valentine’s day gift box. This gorgeous hamper is filled with your favourite gourmet goodies that you have chosen, beautiful filler paper, all of which are arranged by hand. You can even include a special message for your special one which will be written on the gift tag. You can then add 3-4 small products to gift box but you cannot choose from the fresh category as that requires special packaging. With these few easy steps, you can curate your own special gift hamper, get your creative juices flowing and show your loved one just how much you care about and love them.

5. Valentines Day Box of 4 Sweethearts

 Valentines Day Gift 2022

It is an old school idea to always club valentines, love and heart shaped pink goodies together. But, is it wrong? We don’t think so! Above everything, your Valentine's Day should always be the way you want it to be, plus old school is always good when it comes to defining your love. If you are on a run to curate a Valentines Day surprise for her with all your will, then you can pretty much get our Valentines Day Box of 4 Sweethearts. The pink tiny box comes with the creamy-est, yummy-est bonbons with 4 different flavors like Raspberry, Caramel, Lychee and Fudgy Brownie.  The surprise is the decadent milk and dark chocolate center filled ganache.

6. You Are Berry Special

 Valentines Day Gift 2022

The berries lover will definitely adore this berry centric gift hamper. It is the best way to convey to someone that they are berry special in your life. The delicious berry goodness of this hamper starts at white raspberry tea, fresh berries fruit preserve, yogurt berry flavoured health bar, biscuit berry chocolate bar and ends at a specially designed Valentine’s day card! You can even write a specialized message inside the card. The cherry on the cake is definitely the gorgeous packaging that the berry goodness comes with, complete with a beautifully tied ribbon. This berry deliciousness in a box is the perfect way to show how much you adore your special someone.

7. Sweet and Savoury Gourmet Hampers:

This hamper is a symbolic celebration of those sweet and savoury moments in a relationship that makes the relationship beautiful and unique. This is reflected in the hamper which is filled with sweet and savoury goodies that will bring joy to the heart of your special someone. This hamper contains goodies from flavoured popcorn and marshmallows to flavoured veggie chips and gourmet candy! These tasty goodies are delivered an aesthetic box that with the goodies tastefully arranged and surrounded by pretty colourful paper. It also has a specially designed gift tag in which you can add a special message. You can even change the gift box into a gift basket.

8. Snack Bonanza Gift Box


This Valentines, skip the old norm of going out for a date and have a movie night with your partner. Rustle up some of your favorite dishes, select a couple of movies and turn on the fairy lights on top to have a great time. At 4 am, when you are done with food, get hold of our Snack Bonanza Gift Box to munch on a plethora of cookies, chips, chocolates and more. Additionally, these 13 delicious crunchy snacks come in an exclusive box that is designed to promote good times and companionship. This thoughtful gift will definitely tug at the heartstrings of your Valentine and show them how much you appreciate your time with them.

9. Mini Nut Butters Gift Box:

  Hamper Gift Basket

If you are nuts about your Valentine and they are nuts over nut butter then this is the perfect gift for them. This gift box by Urban Moms is uber-cooly designed and contains jars of three different nut butter (herbed almond butter, chocolate hazelnut butter and oreo peanut butter). These jars of joy are packaged in a beautiful box which is resplendent in a bow and comes with a specially designed card that can contain a personalised message. This gift box has all the makings of a delicious and perfect gift.

10. Luxury Cheese Hamper


Have you been tagged as the cheesiest couple in the history of the entire world? Then this Luxury Cheese Hamper will be the perfect validation for your relationship. This one gift box can also be used to whip up a quick cheese platter for the two of you to pair with some wine! The gift box contains Cheddar, Gouda, Brie along with some Olives, Dried Cranberries, Almonds and more. These delicious goodies come in a gorgeous box and a specially designed card in which you can write a nice message. If the sight of your loved one makes you turn all gooey inside then this might be the best way to convey that feeling!

11. Gift of Love for Him

Valentines Day Gift 2022

At times, it can be super difficult to decide on a Valentine's gift for him. But, here’s the catch, our special gift hamper curated for your man has got everything that they will ever need and cherish. Our luxe gift hamper consists of everything gourmet starting from grooming kit to some sweet almond brittles. Pamper your husband/ boyfriend this Valentines with our Gift of Love for Him’ 


This brings us to the end of perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her. These valentine hamper ideas are specially designed keeping in mind different kinds of relationships, feelings, and emotions. With these gifts, you can convey the different feelings in your heart with style and elegance.

If you love the gourmet gifts hampers featured here then check out The Gourmet Box for more specially curated gift hampers with free shipping.

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