Got Cranberries? We've got Recipes!

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Dried Cranberries are highly rich in Antioxidants. These small superfood berries with its tangy sweet taste offers a number of different health benefits. It helps in preventing the risk of Urinary Tract Infections and even in nurturing the quality of your skin and hair. They also help in reducing cholesterol levels and protect the heart from cardiovascular diseases.

Cranberries are known to reduce stress and reduce memory decline, thus boosting the brain health. Its pleasant taste makes you want for more!

Add them to your desserts, granola, pancakes, muffins - the possibilties are endless. You can even use them in your dinner recipes to make a sauce. Add them in rice to add a sudden burst of sweetness. 

Make the most out of these surprising little berries by trying out different gourmet recipes to relish your taste buds!  



Tell us some of your favorite recipes using Cranberries. Our favorite dried cranberries are from True elementsClick here to get your Cranberry fix. 

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