Everything On A Stick

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Food On A Stick

Foods On A Stick

 An internationally celebrated form of cuisine, food on a stick is taking the world by storm and boy have they got creative. You’d be surprised at the foods that are being poked with a stick. Just about every cuisine from Japanese to Jewish does something skewered/ spiked or speared.

But just when we thought it’s all been done, we stumbled upon foods like deep-fried cheesecake’s, candied apples, macaroni & cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, corn dogs, cake pops, maple fudge, sausages covered in pancake mix and frozen yogurts – All on sticks!

Food on a stick is easy to eat, perfect for parties and helps us hold a drink. What’s not to like. Long before the invention of kitchen utensils, people were grilling over an open fire, using branches to warm and roast food.

So its only natural that we should get creative and Stick with it! Have you heard of any new foods that are creatively being served on sticks?

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