Customise Your Own Gourmet Gift Box

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Customise Your Own Gourmet Gift Box

The Gourmet Box specializes in curating and delivering Gourmet Gift hampers across India. We pride ourselves in carefully curating each hamper. We have curated a varied range of Gourmet Gift hampers on the website. You can find Tea, Coffee, Healthy, Snack, Chocolate, Local Gourmet product, World food hampers etc. on the website. These gourmet food basket are carefully curated keeping in mind the theme of the hampers and how the products will all look together in the gift box once it is opened.

Wouldn't it be amazing though, if you could put your favorite gourmet foods in the Gift Box of your choice? Keeping this in mind we created an option for 'Make your own Box' for our customers.


Here is how you can create your own Gourmet Hamper:


Step 1 - Click on 'Make you own Box' Option

Click on Make your own Box in the Gourmet Gifts tab


Step 2 - Choose the Gift Box of your choice

Choose the Gift Box of your choice. Every gift box has a different design and size. Based on your budget and the number of products you'd like to add in the Gift Box add Gift Box of your choice to cart. All the information is mentioned in the description of each gift box so that you can choose accordingly.


Step 3 - Choose Gourmet Products of your Choice

The next step is to choose the gourmet products of your choice. You know your loved ones the best. Choose their favorite gourmet goodies from the Gourmet Foods Products Catalog and add to cart. You can select from a wide range of gourmet goodies and curate the gourmet gift hamper specially for them.


Step 4 - Checkout & Make Payment

The last step is to checkout and make the payment. The products that you have added to cart, we will package them in the Gift Box that you have selected and deliver it to your loved one. You can even add a gift message while adding the Gift Box to the cart to add that personal touch (refer to the image of step 2). We will hand-write your message on the Gift Card and add it to your Gift Hamper.

That's it! You are done. Now sit back and relax and let us know do all the work and deliver your one of a kind gift hamper to your loved one.


Who should choose 'Make your own Box' Gift Option?

  • You have a specific budget in mind for the Gift Box
  • Your loved one has diet restrictions
  • You don't like curated gift hampers that are on the website
  • If you want to curate hampers as per your taste
  • If you are looking for one of a kind gift hamper

Customise your over own gourmet gift hamper and send it to your special someone and make their day extra special.

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