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The Gifting Experts: All About Gifting - The Gourmet Box

Who doesn't like Gifts? Everyone, despite their age and gender, likes to feel special, and receiving a gift does just that. Companies have been sending gifts to their clients and employees for years. Festivals like Diwali, Christmas, are the times when you need to gift your colleagues. Its the fastest way to recall your brand and convey to your recipient that you care for them.

Gifting can be tricky. It can be an expensive activity and the companies want as much value out of it as possible. Most large firms and organizations have policies for giving business gifts to their employees. Gifting to clients can also be a daunting task, as you would like yours to be best amongst the pile of gifts that they would be receiving.

Corporate gifts are constantly changing. What was once fashionable or acceptable has now become passe. For example, companies have now moved away from just giving a box of chocolates or brownies or dried fruits or an Indian sweets box to an exclusively designed Gourmet Food Basket with multiple food products.

Gifts need to have a 'wow' factor for it to be memorable. Here are some tips to keep in mind for ultimate corporate christmas gifting:

Personalizing The Gifts

Personalized Corporate Gifts

A personalized gift creates a lasting impact on the mind of the receiver and makes an instant connection. It not only has a great brand recall but also easily differentiates your gift from a possible pile of gifts if they are sent during popular festivals like Diwali or Christmas.

Do Not Shy Away From Choosing Unique Gifts

Unique Corporate Gifts

Box of chocolates, religious idols, Box of Indian sweets, crockery, once considered as popular gifts, are now passe. You want your gift to stand out, so do not be afraid to think out of the box. However, out of the box doesn't mean that it can't be a practical gift. Think of your audience and decide on what would be different yet practical to use or consume.

No Compromise On Quality

Corporate Gift Boxes

Even if the budget is limited for gifting per client/employee make sure that the gift is of top quality. Quality over quantity - this is the mantra for corporate gifting. Rather than giving a box of 12 mediocre quality chocolates, you could choose to give a box of 4 chocolates that are of excellent quality and taste. The receiver will always remember the lingering taste of those quality chocolates that you gifted to them.

Presentation Is Key

Corporate Gift Hampers

First impressions are everything. Present your gift in a way that catches the receiver's attention in the first look itself and leaves a lasting impression. If you like the packaging of the gift you have chosen but still want to personalize the gift, you can simply put a tag on the gift box or put a custom-designed card with your message inside the box. This gives a personal touch to your gifts and does not change the design of the gift packaging.

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