5 Desi Cooling Drinks to beat the Indian Summers

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Growing upduring Summers the fridge was filled with hydrating fruits, veggies and drinks. By drinks, we mean the traditional Indian chiller drinks which Mum would make using seasonal fresh fruits, herbs and spices.

Traditional Indian coolers are a perfect way to beat the heat during Summer. They are made with seasonal fruits, veggies herbs and spices which naturally helps drive away the heat from your body. They are healthy (well most of them) and always have a kick of spice. Yes, you read it correct - Spice. Traditionally a pinch of chilli or kick of ginger is used in India during Summer . It helps raise the internal body temperature to match that of its surroundings, thus generating sweat which is your body's way of cooling off. 

Each region in India had their own version of traditional Summer drinks. Here are some of our favorites that we grew up drinking. 

Revisit your childhood nostalgia by making a big jug of one of these refreshing drinks for your loved ones this Summer:

  • Aam Panna 

    The most exciting thing about Indian summers is Mango. Raw or ripe we will take it any kind and in any form. Growing up Aam Panna was our favorite drink to cool off in Summer. Goodness of Kacchi Kairi and mint, this sweet and sour drink was our absolute favorite. 

    • Shikanji
    This fizzy goodness is a sweet, tangy and spicy drink that makes a perfect Summer party drink. The combination of the chaat masala, lemon and green chillies, makes the Soda Shikanji refreshing, tangy and spicy. 

    • Sol Kadi

    Sol Kadi

    Image Credit: https://www.saveur.com/indian-kokum-and-coconut-drink-recipe/

    Delicious combination of Kokum and Coconut, this Konkan drink is super refreshing during the scorching Summers. Every village in Konkan region has their version of this drink. The vibrant pink color from the kokum with a hit of garlic and chilli makes this drink a perfect way to end your meal in the "coolest" way possible.  

    • Neer Mor / Spiced Buttermilk

    Neer Mor


    Spiced Buttermilk South Indian style is perfect Summer cooling drink. This watery buttermilk with traditional spices like Hing, Mustard seeds aids in digestion during the Summer. Its traditionally had after your meal to digest your meal easily during the Summer. 

    • Falooda


      This glass of sweet nectar is a popular Indian drink made with Rose syrup, Basil Seeds, Vermicelli, milk, ice cream and jelly. This traditional drink was brought by Mumbai immigrants from Iran. Some believe that this drink was a royal drink during the Mughal era. Falooda is generally had as a dessert drink and is perfect during warmer weather.

      Once sip of these drinks takes us back to our childhood like having Falooda during a trip to Crawford Market or Shikanji everytime we went to Juhu Beach.

      Do you have any specific memories associated with these childhood Summer coolers? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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