5 DIY Holiday Decor Ideas With Used Cardboard

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5 DIY Holiday Decor Ideas With Used Cardboard

Online retail has revolutionized the way we shop. You can buy anything and everything online and get it delivered at your doorstep. We don't have to tell you how convenient and easy online shopping is. But this convenience of online shopping comes at a price. When we see the empty cartons, boxes, bubble-wrap, etc that are used to deliver your purchase safely go in trash little bit of guilt overcomes that excitement of getting something new at your doorstep.

We at The Gourmet Box are all about recycle and reuse. This holiday season, why not use those pile of cartons lying around to make some cute DIY holiday decor ideas. Sit together as a family this weekend for this fun little activity and make some cute holiday home decor and take a little step towards saving our planet:

Here are our favorite DIY holiday decor ideas that you can make with used cardboard, paper, and cartons:

1. Christmas Wreath

Cardboard Christmas Decorations 1

2. Cardboard Christmas Tree

Cardboard Christmas Decorations 11

3. Cardboard Reindeer

Cardboard Christmas Decorations 8

4. Window Decor

Cardboard Christmas Decorations 14













5. Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Cardboard Christmas Decorations 5


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