Give Navratri Fasting dishes a Gourmet Twist!

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Navratri is almost here and everyone across the country is preparing to start fasting. Traditionally it is believed that our bodies face digestive issues at this time of the year. Eating the fasting food made with indigenous ingredients is a good way to detox your body. These ingredients that have been traditionally used in the fasting foods is light and keeps your digestive system healthy. 

Fasting Food can get a little monotonous to eat. This year give those boring fasting recipes a gourmet twist. We have a few recipes that you can try this season to give yourself a break from the traditional dishes eaten every year.

Banana Rajgira Pancakes

Rajgira Banana Pancakes

Nachos with Kiwi & Tomato Salsa

Nachos with Kiwi & Tomato Salsa

Yoghurt & Cottage Cheese Kebabs 

Yoghurt & Cottage Cheese Kebabs
*Food rules may differ in every house. So check with the elders and follow the recipe accordingly
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