Massaman Thai Curry Paste - 70g - Blue Elephant

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Thai cuisine is globally becoming more and more famous and seems to be a sophisticated cuisine for a non-expert. Blue Elephant products can be used very easily with the guaranty of obtaining an original Thai experience.

Ingredients: Tamarind Paste (tamarind, water), 19.2%, Fully Refined Soybean Oil 14.6%, Massaman Powder (coriander seed powder, cumin seed powder, cardamom powder, star anise, nutmeg powder, cinnamon powder, bay leaves, cloves) 13.0%, Shallot 8.6%, Thai Garlic 8.6%, Dried Chilli 8.1%, Ginger 5.0%, Salt 4.6%, Sugar 4.6%, Lemongrass 4.3%, Galangal 3.0%, Coriander Roots 2.3%, Distilled Vinegar 2.2%, Soy Sauce (soybean, wheat flour (gluten), salt, water, sugar) 1.2%, Cardamom Seeds 0.4%, Kaffir Lime Peels 0.3%.

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