Demerara Sugar Infused with Sri Lankan Cinnamon - 175g - Sprig - The Gourmet Box

Demerara Sugar Infused with Sri Lankan Cinnamon - 175g - Sprig

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Cinnamon, also known as the, "fragrant spice plant" is a perfect blend of sweet and bold flavours. At Sprig, we've decided to take this magic ingredient one step further, by introducing an ingenious product; Demerara Sugar infused with Real Sri Lankan Cinnamon. We ensure that its freshness, flavour and aroma remain intact in our unique bale jars. Our flavour infusions are done in small batches, so we can create the perfect blend of aroma, to give it an unmatched taste.

Using the world's best Cinnamon sourced from Sri Lanka, this fine blend adds that element of panache to your otherwise humble oatmeal, cereal or even your succulent apple pies. It can not only spice up your crispy toasts and waffles but can also perfectly compliment your stews and sauces; it's undoubtedly the best way to encourage second helpings! And, if indulging in frothy smoothies or creamy desserts is your vice, all you need to do is sprinkle a little of our gourmet Cinnamon Sugar to give it a high note!
But its sweet taste is not the only reason to love it. Sprig's Cinnamon Sugar also comes with a host of health benefits. For instance, it's packed with anti-oxidants, helps reduce cholesterol levels and even regulates blood pressure. What's more, it contains fibre, calcium, iron and manganese, making it an uber-healthy spice!

With a triple treat of great taste, good health and creative packaging, Sprig's Cinnamon Sugar gives Demerara sugar a whole new twist!

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