Cinnamon Infused Honey Twigs - 10 Twigs - Honey Twigs

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An infusion of aromatic and woody cinnamon from Ceylon with premium honey makes this sweet and spicy concoction a perfect balance of flavour and health.
No artificial flavour or extract, no added sugar; only pure and 100% natural ingredients in this delectable honey infusion!
Measured as a teaspoon, this is your perfect mess-free sweetener for everyday use. #HiHoneyByeSugar

Ingredients: Honey, Cinnamon Powder

Benefits of Honey:

1. Honey is a natural source of energy
2. Rich in antioxidants, honey is a perfect immunity booster
3. Aids in weight management
4. Helps in relieving cough and cold symptoms due to its antibacterial properties
5. Honey is antimicrobial and can be applied on small cuts and bruises to help heal them faster
6. Aids in sleep; have a twig before bedtime and let it work its magic
7. Honey helps in digestion and aids in gastrointestinal diseases
8. Honey moisturizes and soothes skin

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