The Original, Kantha Bomb & Smoky Bhoot (Pack of 3) Hot Sauces Combo - Naagin - The Gourmet Box

The Original, Kantha Bomb & Smoky Bhoot (Pack of 3) Hot Sauces Combo - Naagin

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Truly the choice of the foodie. Whether you just love improving your life and food choices or if you're the hot sauce boss, the 'Naagin or Nothing' combo has something for everyone. Unique flavours and the right amount of heat for whatever you want to eat!

The Original
[Heat Level - Medium Spicy, 4/10, Perfect for people with low spice tolerance]
Naagin Original hot sauce is a medium-spicy blend highlighting the best flavours from Western India. A full-bodied uplifter of the bland, it has a base of tomatoes, onions and garlic, perfectly combined with Sankeshwari and Bhavnagri chillies to bring you a little kick. Our secret ingredients will leave you salivating!

Kantha Bomb
[Heat Level - Spicy, 6/10, Perfect for people who can handle a little spice]
The Naagin Kantha Bomb is our all new Indian hot sauce, featuring Kerala's birds eye chilli aka the Kanthari. So much more than a regular 'green sauce', the Kantha Bomb is exactly what it's name suggests, a flavour bomb with just the right amount of greens to complete your palate!

Smoky Bhoot
[Heat Level - X-tra Spicy, 8/10, Perfect for people who enjoy spicy food]
Highlighting the legendary flavour and fire from the Bhut Jolokia chilli, our specially smoked chillies create a unique flavour for the rich-textured Smoky Bhoot. Every bite takes you from a hint of sweetness to a tidal wave of flavour before the 'ghost' finally creeps up on you!

OG +BJ + KB Taster Pack: Naagin or Nothing!
1 - Featuring Naagin Original, Bhoot and Kantha bomb
2 - Medium Spicy Original, Kantha bomb – double the trouble and Extra Spicy Bhoot – not for the faint hearted
3 - No artificial colors of flavours
4 - High quality, ethically sourced local ingredients
5 - 100% Vegetarian & 100% Vegan
6 - Shake well before use
7 - Store in cool and dry conditions – No refrigeration needed
8 - Net Product Weight: 230g Each

Pack Contents
- The Original (Medium Spicy) features Sankeshwari chillies from Maharashtra
- Kantha Bomb (Spicy) features Kanthari chillies from Kerala
- Smoky Bhoot (X-tra Spicy) features Bhut Jholokia chillies from Assam
- Net Product Weight: 230g/bottle

Product Features
- Made with Real Ingredients, locally sourced and hand-picked daily
- No artificial colours/flavours
- High quality premium Indian chillies
- 100% Vegetarian, 100% Vegan

Storage & Directions for Use
- Store in cool and dry conditions
- Best before 12 months from Mfg. Date
- Best consumed within 2 months after Opening
- To extend freshness, refrigerate after opening
- Use as a condiment, cooking sauce or marinade
- Do NOT consume if the seal is broken

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