The Original & Kantha Bomb (Pack of 2) Sauces Combo - Naagin - The Gourmet Box

The Original & Kantha Bomb (Pack of 2) Sauces Combo - Naagin

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This combo gives you a no stress (nothing super spicy here) entry into the world of Naagin Indian Hot Sauce. The classic red-green hot sauce combo, but so much better.

The Original
[Heat Level - Medium Spicy, 4/10, Perfect for people with low spice tolerance]
Naagin Original hot sauce is a medium-spicy blend highlighting the best flavours from Western India. A full-bodied uplifter of the bland, it has a base of tomatoes, onions and garlic, perfectly combined with Sankeshwari and Bhavnagri chillies to bring you a little kick. Our secret ingredients will leave you salivating!

Kantha Bomb
[Heat Level - Spicy, 6/10, Perfect for people who can handle a little spice]
The Naagin Kantha Bomb is our all new Indian hot sauce, featuring Kerala's birds eye chilli aka the Kanthari. So much more than a regular 'green sauce', the Kantha Bomb is exactly what it's name suggests, a flavour bomb with just the right amount of greens to complete your palate!

OG + KB Bundle: Live on the fiery side!

1 - Two-in-one Combos – Best value deal
2 - Naagin Original (medium spicy) features Sankeshwari Chillies from Maharashtra
3 - Naagin Bhoot (extra spicy!) features Bhut Jolokia Chillies from Assam
4 - No artificial colours or flavours
5 - High quality, ethically sourced local ingredients
6 - 100% vegetarian and vegan
7 - Halal & Kosher friendly
8 - Shake well before use
9 - Store in cool and dry conditions – No refrigeration needed
10 - Net product weight: (230 gm) per bottle

Pack Contents
- The Original (Medium Spicy) features Sankeshwari chillies from Maharashtra
- Kantha Bomb (Spicy) features Kanthari chillies from Kerala
- Net Product Weight: 230g/bottle

Product Features
- Made with Real Ingredients, locally sourced and hand-picked daily
- No artificial colours/flavours
- High quality premium Indian chillies
- 100% Vegetarian, 100% Vegan

Storage & Directions for Use
- Store in cool and dry conditions
- Best before 12 months from Mfg. Date
- Best consumed within 2 months after Opening
- To extend freshness, refrigerate after opening
- Use as a condiment, cooking sauce or marinade
- Do NOT consume if the seal is broken

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