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Sharing moments of smiles and laughter, jokes and stories are considered to be a reflection of sharing happiness and celebrations. And with FOOD being an add-on to all your festive celebrations, nothing else could steal the thunder and strike the chords of your heart with love & care.

Featuring a mix of your favourite munchies in this “Festive Celebration Pack”, bonded together to tantalize your taste buds with the tangy-crunch of Cranberries coated with Oats, the chatpata spices mixed to make your moods even more chatpata and silly, dose of Antioxidants to fight through the snack cravings with a crunchilicious twist, spicy retreats of Pumpkin Seeds and the super sweet sentiments of luscious berries.

We have begun our march towards creating an actual “happily ever after” family celebration, have you?

1) True Elements Antioxidant Mix 125gm :- Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Chia Seeds, Dried Goji Berries, Natural Soy Lecithin.
No artificial colour, flavours and preservatives.
2) True Elements Chilli Masala Pumpkin 125gm :- Pumpkin Seeds, Paprika, Red Chilli, Black Pepper, Cumin, Salt, Edible Oil, Rice Syrup, Natural Soy Lecithin
3) True Elements Dried Whole Cranberries 125gm :- Whole Dried Cranberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil. No artificial flavour, colours and preservatives.

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