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Holiday in a teacup. This tropical green tea brings back memories of that vacation — that happy place. Brew some for the day dreamer in you.

Taste notes: Tastes notes are fresh, perky and bright. Indian mint has it’s own distinct flavour which is more intense and less cooling than other varieties of mint. Dried orange peels give out an earthy aroma and taste. Unlike the usual citric acid used to add orange flavouring, our tea is 100% natural.

Caffeine content: Medium Origin of tea: Darjeeling, India

When to drink this tea? Hot or Iced, but always best without milk and sweeteners. This is our bestselling tea in summer months. Enjoy it iced on a dull, hot day. Recipe for cold brewed Iced tea here.

Serving Suggestions: Pairs well with upside down pineapple cake, crisp crackers, pineapple and cheese. Tastes great both hot or iced. Long Island Iced Tea (non-alcoholic) makes the perfect summer cooler or tea mocktail.

Ingredients: Green Tea infused with refreshing Indian (desi) mint and earthy orange peels.