Jasmine Green Tea (Loose Leaf) - 100g - Tea Trunk

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Make way for the queen of teas. One of the first flavored teas in the recorded history of teas, Jasmine Green Tea is famous for its delicate flavour and sweet scent. Traditionally, jasmine buds are removed after infusing them with the tea. However, our blend includes the flower to give you a lingering taste of this legendary tea. Treat yourself to this ancient tea therapy from China.

Taste notes: Delicate and mellow with a subtle sweetness. Green tea adds depth and body to the floral flavour.

Caffeine content: Medium Origin of tea: China

When to drink this tea? Enjoy 2-3 cups a day. Best had after meals, but never on an empty stomach.

Serving Suggestions: Pairs well dim sums and lemon teacake. Jasmine Green Tea is best served hot.

Ingredients: Whole dried Jasmine buds and green tea.