Forest fruit Frutties (No Added Sugar) - 35g - Dev. Pro.

Forest fruit Frutties (No Added Sugar) - 35g - Dev. Pro.

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Dev. Pro. Frutties - Forest Fruit is a healthy and delicious ready to eat snack made up of 100% fruit ingredients . The product does not have any added sugar and it Natural ,Gluten free & Vegan.

Ingredients: Fruit juice concentrate (apple, blueberry 5%, blackberry 4%), concentrated apple puree, citrus fibre, gelling agent: pectins E440, sugar cane fibre, acid: citric acid E330, red elderberry concentrate 0,5%, natural flavouring (natural flavouring substances – forest fruit flavouring), antioxidant: ascorbic acid E300

An average of 572g fruit of which 40g blueberry, 40g blackberry, 4g red elderberry used to prepare 100g product


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