Condensed Almond Milk - 125g - Jus Amazin

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Introducing, for the first time in the world - Jus Amazin’s Condensed Almond Milk (Sweetened). Made with Premium Quality Almonds (80%) and Organic Jaggery (20%), and nothing else (no additives / chemicals), this is the ideal thick and creamy dairy-free ingredient for making delicious and nutritious dairy-free desserts. Make your favourite desserts like Gajar Halwa, Kulfi, Kheer, Rabri, Fruit Custard etc. with this thick and creamy dairy-free replacement for regular condensed milk. Product Features : High Protein | 100% Natural I Zero Chemicals I No Artificial Preservatives | Vegan | Peanut Free | Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Lactose-Free | Soy Free

Ingredients: Almonds (80%), Organic Jaggery (20%)

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