All Natural Citrus & Mint Demerara sugar - 150g - Artisan Palate

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All Natural Citrus & Mint Demerara Sugar are a natural combination. Real lemon, oranges and mint added to the Demerara sugar creates a clean and refreshing taste that is never bitter.

Sweet: Dust Lemon sugar over sugar cookies or pound cake.

Fresh: Add a dash of Lemon sugar to fruit salads.

Savory: Mix with herbs and sea salt to finish off delicious roasted potatoes.

Liquid: Rim a glass of unsweetened ice tea or use it in a Mojito

Twist: Mix Lemon sugar with sea salt and season peanuts. Ingredients :Natural Demerara Sugar, Lemon zest, Lemon juice, Orange zest, Orange Juice, Mint leaves.

Contains no added colour preservative or MSG