Cheddar (Welsh Award Winning) - 200G Colliers Cheese

Cheddar (Welsh Award Winning) - 200g - Collier's

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Colliers Cheddar stands amongst the finest examples of Welsh cheese making and is one of the most consistently powerful cheddars you can buy. Colliers will always posses the distinctive long powerful and slightly sweet taste that sets it apart. Collier's, the consistently powerful cheddar cheese. Carefully aged and selected to ensure an extraordinary taste sensation. Use in recipes requiring a dramatic and distinctive taste and also as a delicious anytime snack, in salads, on toast or with crispy bread and biscuits. It is winner of Gold award and suitable for vegetarians. It is packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Ingredients: Cheddar Cheese (Cows' Milk)

Directions: You may notice some salt deposits on the surface of Collier's Powerful Cheddar. This is a natural occurrence and is indicative of the high quality of the cheese