Art Deco Festive Gift Box - 9 inch x 9 inch - The Gourmet Box

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Our gorgeous Art Deco inspired Gift Boxes are perfect to dazzle your loved ones. Its edgy gold design immdiately will put them in a celebratory mode. It’s the kind of "Blues" that everyone will love.

Instructions to make your own box:

1. In the text box above mention if this is a gift and the message you would like to write on the gift tag.

2. Add this 'Make your own box' to your shopping cart.

3. Add 3 to 5 products that you would like in your box to your shopping cart. Do not add products like dips / cheese / detox waters / yougurts etc from the fresh category as they require temperate controlled delivery and soil gift boxes.

3. If this is gift being directly sent to the recipient, please pay online. 

4. Don't forget to mention a separate delivery address during check out if the box is to be delivered elsewhere.

Get creative and curate your own Gourmet Box!