Activated Charcoal Matcha Green Tea - 30g - Tea Trunk

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First time in India - Matcha is a superfood, combined with the detox properties of activated charcoal - you've got the perfect tea cleanse! The activated charcoal is derived from coconut shells. High grade quality of activated charcoal has no grit to it - which means it blends beautifully with our organic Japanese matcha powder. Together they make a smooth, balanced cup, rich in anti-oxidants and natural goodness. We never add any flavourings, colours or any additives to our tea blends. All natural and safe for consumption, our activated charcoal matcha tops the charts for your detox regime. Kickstart your new year with a #charcoalmatcha tea cleanse and get ahead with those fitness goals. Goes well with fresh green salad, light sandwich or cereal bowl.

**Please note Matcha is high in caffeine and is best consumed in the first half of the day**

Ingredients: Activated charcoal (coconut shells), japanese matcha green tea.