Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him / Her in 2020

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him / Her in 2020

Valentine's Day Hamper Ideas For Him / Her

Even though Valentines' Day might be a month away it is never too early to start planning for the perfect Valentines’ evening for your loved one. Valentine’s day is a celebration of love, romance, and appreciation for your special person. The best part about Valentine’s day apart from spending quality time with your significant other is the chance to spoil them with gifts that celebrate your romance. Valentine’s day gift is a symbol of the celebration of the special and beautiful relationship that you share. They just add a certain je ne sais quoi to the magic of the day. This is why finding the perfect valentine's day gift is extremely important as it will definitely set the mood for the rest of the lovely evening. This means that looking for the right gift can put you under a lot of pressure.

The Gourmet Box realizes the need and value of perfect Valentine's day gifts for him/her is very important and hence we have compiled a comprehensive list of valentine gourmet food basket ideas that set the romantic mood and show your appreciation for your special someone with free shipping.

1. Oh, Honey!:

 Gift Hamper Basket

If you and your special someone love calling each other cute names like sugar, darling, love and honey then this gift box might be the perfect way to celebrate those special moments of your relationship. This gift box contains goodies that are filled with the goodness of honey. The hamper contains one jar of organic honey with vanilla or nuts, a healthy salad dressing, honey, oats and raisins millet cookies and flavoured health bars. Not only is this valentine hamper ideas super healthy but it also looks beautiful because it is delivered in a pretty box with faux florals and a beautifully tied ribbon. So get this super sweet gift box for your super special honey!

2. I Love You Choco-Lot: 


 Chocolate Gift Box


Paging all the chocoholics in the house! If your loved one comes running when they hear this call, then this heart-melting gift box full of chocolatey goodies is perfect for them. This special hamper contains a chocolate caramel flavoured coffee jar, flavoured dark chocolate thins, flavoured chocolate spread, and two flavoured artisanal dark chocolate bars. This special hamper is made extra special because it is delivered in an elegant white gift box with faux florals and a beautifully tied red ribbon. With this chocolatey gift hamper you can make your Valentine’s day a whole choco-lot better with this valentine hamper ideas with free shipping!

3. Nuts About You: 

 Gift Hamper - Nuts About You

If you are head over heels in love with your Valentine or in other words you are nuts about them and would love to tell them how you feel then this gift box is perfect. This gourmet food basket has everything that is nutty from nut butter to nut truffles. The hamper contains almond butter, chocolate-covered nuts, peanut butter chocolate truffles and spice cashews or almonds. When it comes to nuts it has got all your tastebuds and flavours covered from sweet to spicy! It is made extra special because of a beautiful white gift box with faux florals and a gorgeously tied ribbon that hamper comes in. 

4. Valentine’s Day Gift Box (Limited Edition): 

 Customised Gift Hamper

If you want your Valentine's day hamper ideas to be a little more intimate, personal and you want to be in charge of what gourmet food goes in there then we present Valentine’s day gift box. This gorgeous hamper is filled with your favourite gourmet goodies that you have chosen, beautiful filler paper, faux florals all of which are arranged by hand. You can even include a special message for your special one which will be written on the gift tag. You can then add 3-4 small products to gift box but you cannot choose from the fresh category as that requires special packaging. With these few easy steps, you can curate your own special gift hamper, get your creative juices flowing and show your loved one just how much you care about and love them. 

5. Artisanal Bars Gift Box:

 Gourmet Gift Box

This is the perfect gift for the fitness freak that you adore but would balk at the sight of chocolates. The gift box contains artisanally wrapped, nine delicious energy bars that come in three different flavours. These energy bars are from Saloni’s ‘Pure Love’ collection and what could be a better gift to give someone of Valentine’s day? These energy bars make eating healthy a much easier task because they taste so good. Whoever said that healthy food can never be delicious hasn’t met this energy bar. So giving chocolates on Valentine’s day is out and giving tasty energy bars is in!

6. Assorted Gift Pack of Nutty Cookies:

Gift Basket

This gift is for that special someone who drives you nuts sometimes but is as cute as a cookie so all is forgiven! This assorted gift pack has 12 cookies with 3 different types of cookies like choco almond cookies and peanut butter nutty cookies that will simply make you go nuts for them. These Open Secret cookies come with their own beautiful and vibrant packaging- the one where you wish you could keep the box forever and store pretty little things in it. Your foodie Valentine would definitely appreciate and love this box of cookies making you score a significant amount of brownie points.

7. Mini-Budget Happiness:

 Happiness Hamper

Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness is extremely wrong because a little bit of money will get you these tiny jars of happiness. The 5 tiny jars of happiness contain best-selling flavours of preserve, jam, marmalade, mustard, and relish. These delicious dips and jams are from The Gourmet Jar and come with an aesthetic gourmet food basket. These dips and jams can be paired well with an assorted basket of bread and a platter of cheese. It is the perfect gift to give if you have planned a special romantic picnic for Valentine’s Day. The jars may be tiny but the happiness is insurmountable!

8. I Love You a Latte:

 Coffee & Cookies Gift Box

This gift is perfect if you want to tell your caffeine loving better half that you love them a latte. This pretty gift box contains locally sourced gourmet coffee and a jar of coffee and cinnamon mini cookies. It also comes with a cute card that says, ‘I love you a latte’! You can even write a heartwarming personalised message on the back of the card. What better way to make your special one feel extremely loved and special than with this beautiful gift hamper? Especially if both of you enjoy going on coffee dates, then this could be the perfect celebration of your relationship!

9. You Are Berry Special:

 Chocolate Gift Hamper

The berries lover will definitely adore this berry centric gift hamper. It is the best way to convey to someone that they are berry special in your life. The delicious berry goodness of this hamper starts at white raspberry tea, fresh berries fruit preserve, yogurt berry flavoured health bar, biscuit berry chocolate bar and ends at a specially designed Valentine’s day card! You can even write a specialized message inside the card. The cherry on the cake is definitely the gorgeous packaging that the berry goodness comes with, complete with a beautifully tied ribbon. This berry deliciousness in a box is the perfect way to show how much you adore your special someone.

10. Sweet and Savoury Gourmet Hampers:

Gift Basket

This hamper is a symbolic celebration of those sweet and savoury moments in a relationship that makes the relationship beautiful and unique. This is reflected in the hamper which is filled with sweet and savoury goodies that will bring joy to the heart of your special someone. This hamper contains goodies from flavoured popcorn and marshmallows to flavoured veggie chips and gourmet candy! These tasty goodies are delivered an aesthetic box that with the goodies tastefully arranged and surrounded by pretty colourful paper. It also has a specially designed gift tag in which you can add a special message. You can even change the gift box into a gift basket.

11. Health and Happiness Gift Hamper:

 Healthy Gift Hamper

This Valentine’s day show your loved one the care and consideration that you put into their health and happiness with this gift hamper. This crunchy delight box contains seven different healthy and yummy snacks like cheesy onion flavoured roasted pumpkin, chilly garlic flavoured roasted sunflower seeds, honey roasted pumpkin seeds and dried blueberries and cranberries. This hamper combines eating healthy snacks with deliciousness that will surely leave your tastebuds begging for more. Additionally, these delicious crunchy snacks come in an exclusive box that is designed to promote relaxation and happiness. This thoughtful gift will definitely tug at the heartstrings of your Valentine and show them how much you care for them.

12. Mini Nut Butters Gift Box:

  Hamper Gift Basket

If you are nuts about your Valentine and they are nuts over nut butter then this is the perfect gift for them. This gift box by Urban Moms is uber-cooly designed and contains jars of three different nut butter (herbed almond butter, chocolate hazelnut butter and oreo peanut butter). These jars of joy are packaged in a beautiful box which is resplendent in a bow and comes with a specially designed card that can contain a personalised message. This gift box has all the makings of a delicious and perfect gift.

13. You Make Me Melt:

 Gift Hamper - You Make Me Melt

If your special someone is a chocoholic then their heart is going to melt when they receive this gift hamper and all of its chocolatey goodness.  The cute hamper contains chocolate chips shortbread cookies, chocolate hazelnut spread, chocolate covered nuts and flavored chocolate bars. These delicious goodies come in a gorgeous box tied with an elegant ribbon and specially designed card in which you can write a nice message. If the sight of your loved one makes you melt and turn all gooey inside then this might be the best way to convey that feeling!

14. No One Stacks You Up:


This brings us to the end of perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her. These valentine hamper ideas are specially designed keeping in mind different kinds of relationships, feelings, and emotions. With these gifts, you can convey the different feelings in your heart with style and elegance.

If you love the gourmet gifts hampers featured here then check out The Gourmet Box for more specially curated gift hampers with free shipping.

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