How to buy Gift Hampers for Multiple People in 1 Order?

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Gourmet Gift Hampers

Need to place orders for multiple employees, clients, team members, peers, etc.? Dreading the tedious task of place single orders for all of them? Dont worry we at The Gourmet Box have got your covered.

Placing multiple orders for your employees or clients has never been easier. The "Ship to Multiple Addresses" feature on the cart page allows you to order for all the receipients in a single order. 

Follow the steps below for a stressfree gifting experience:

Step 1: Choose the hamper of your liking

We have hampers of every kind - Healthy Hamper for health conscious recepients, Snack Hamper for the one who loves munching, Chocolate hamper who is chocolate obsessed, Hamper with Baking goodies for the one who loves to Bake, Exotic world foods hamper for the one who loves to cook, etc. 

Choose the perfect hamper for each of your recepient or a hamper of your liking and add it to cart. 


If you are ordering more than 2 hampers, avoid the popup that says that you are only allowed to purchase 2 hampers in 1 order. Since you will be shipping each hamper to different addresses, this notification doesnt apply for your order.

Step 2: Add a different message to each of your recepient

Why add a generic mesasge card when you can add different messages for each one of them. Write a special message to each one to give it that personal touch.



Step 3: Click on "Ship to Multiple Addresses" Option in the cart

Once you have chosen the hampers and added the messages for each hamper, add them to cart. Click on the cart tab and you will see a "Ship to Multiple Addresses" tab. It is important to click on it so that you can order for all the hampers in 1 order instead of placing multiple orders. 


Once you have clicked on the Multiple addresses tab, you will automatically be redirected to the screen, wherein you can add the shipping details for all your recepients under the hamper you'd like to deliver to them. 



Step 4: Checkout

Once you have added all the shipping details, checkout. Thats it you are done. Its that easy. 

No more stress of placing multiple orders. You are done ordering for all your recepients in a single order. 

Once you have made the payment, our system will automatically place individual orders for each recepient so that you can track these orders once they are dispatched. 


We hope this makes gifting stressfree and brings back the joy in choosing the perfect gift for your clients, employees colleagues, peers team members, etc.

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