Subscription System FAQ's




The Gourmet Box is a website that makes local and international gourmet food easily accessible to you. You can buy great gourmet food online and have it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in India. You can also subscribe to our gourmet food subscription service based on your food preferences and liking. Subscriptions make great gifts to others & yourself.

What is the Subscription system?
The subscription system is designed to help you discover great mix of food based on your food obsession. Every month, The Gourmet Box subscribers will receive a curated box filled with delicious gourmet goodies based on their selection from 12 delicious subscription Boxes. You can choose from wide range of Gourmet subscriptions – we have everything from snacks to coffee to chocolates. Each box introduces you to new full-size delights and some of the Boxes even come with recipe and pairing ideas.

How does the subscription System work?

  • PICK FROM 12 DELICIOUS BOXES: Pick an obsession! We’ve got everything from snacks to coffee to chocolates. All full-size products specially picked just for you!
  • CHOOSE THE DURATION & PACKAGING YOU PREFER: Subscribe for a month, 3 months or 6 months, it’s your decision. Also choose to receive your products just. Subscription Boxes make excellent and innovative gifts – you can make it extra special for someone by having them delivered in our signature coral top box with a personalised gift message every month.
  • WE'LL EXPERTLY CURATE & DELIVER EVERY MONTH: Place your order, then sit back and relax. We’ll handpick products & curate your box and ship it to you / recipient every month starting from the month you’ve ordered in. 

What kind of food will you send me?
You’ll receive unique handpicked goodies that will rock your taste buds based on the subscription you have chosen! We try to have a mix of freshly made local products and international goodies imported for you. You can expect something new and exciting all the time. We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with our carefully curated selections!

How will the products be delivered to me?

There are two options you can select:

  • Just the products: in this option we will put the products of the month in a carton. Recipe and pairing ideas will be included with the products based on which subscription you have chosen.
  • Gift Box: if you want to gift a subscription to someone then you can choose this option. In the Gift Box option we package the products in our signature coral top box and with a pretty bow. You can even put in a personalised gift message and we will add it on our super cute plantable seed paper gift tags.

Are your boxes vegetarian - friendly?
Yes, all our boxes are suitable for vegetarians.

Do I have to order my boxes every month?
No. If you wish to purchase a box every month we’ve created a unique subscription system to make sure you never miss all of our delicious and unique boxes. Monthly Subscribers will receive a single box within 1-7 days of subscribing. 3 month or 6 month plan subscribers you can prepay for the entire subscription period and receive a different box every month for the period along with added in store benefits.

Why should I pre-pay and get a long term subscription?
If you are a food enthusiast and love discovering new goodies, the subscription system is like a great way of doing just that. With a long term little gourmet box subscription not only do you receive handpicked products, recipes in some Boxes, etc. but you also receive following special benefits.

  • Just the Products – 10% off on purchase of 1500 voucher on 3 months and 15% off on purchase of 1500 voucher on 6 months for the period of subscription. You can use this code multiple times during the period of your subscription in store.  
  • Gift box - 10% off on the total price of 3 months subscription and 15% off on total price of 6 months subscription


Will you tell me what is coming in the box ahead of time?
The contents of the subscription will be a surprise. Trust us on selecting the best products that will take you your food obsession gourmet journey.

Can I give a Gourmet Box subscription as a gift?
Absolutely. All you have to do click on the time period you would like them to receive the boxes and click on the Gift Box option. We will package it in our signature coral top box and even put a pretty bow. You can even mention recipient’s name & your message in the box provided. Don’t forget to give separate billing and shipping address and pay via a debit or credit card during checkout.

Can I customize a Gourmet box?
You can curate your own Gourmet Box and gift that too. Select our ‘Make Your Own Box’ under the Gourmet Gifts category along with the products you wish to put inside and leave the rest to us. We’ll make sure we package it beautifully and deliver it.

I’m in love with the food you sent me, where can I buy it?
We had a hunch you’d love it! Visit our Food Catalogue to buy more of what you love and tons of other fabulous gourmet products.