Honey, Oat and Coconut Baked Crunchies (gluten-free) - 50g - MojoBites
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Mojo Bites are a natural healthy blend of whole  grains, nuts and seeds which  you can see & pronounce. Each perfectly baked and crunchy bite is a wholesome, satisfying bite without any hidden ingredients. More than just a lip smacking flavour, these bite size snacks are packed with easily digested prebiotic fibre. Snack time or anytime, Mojo Bites are a natural part of life well lived.
Ingredients: Mixed Cereal (Instant Oats, Amaranth, Soy Crisps), Honey, Natural Coconut Powder,  Brown Rice Syrup, Mixed Nuts (Peanuts, Almonds), Prebiotic Fibre, Palm Kernel Oil, Chia Seeds, Salt, Vitamin E
Contains Added Nature Identical Flavors